Friday, November 19, 2010

From : Bong Smoking Jesus

Now here's a Jesus I could get behind hanging out with.  (Click image to go to the seller's Etsy listing)

Also, the comment thread at Regretsy (click here) is a scream.


  1. Hi. My twitter name is Puppylove968, you might recognize that from when you and various others completely misquoted me and made me look like a bigot. Thanks for that, by the way.
    How about you look at what someone actually said before you go about acting like you know it?
    As far as I remember, and I'm fairly sure I would remember, that was typed in between QUOTATION MARKS, and followed by ' is the most epic fail in the world' Put two and two together.
    I am an atheist, I was making fun of whoever said that, and I think it was totally out of your bounds to reduce what I said to make me look like an idiot who can't type, and also a bigot. You're pathetic.

  2. Hi PuppyLove, I'd like to welcome you to my blog, as well as to the Internet in general, as it's clear you must be new.

    It's kind of tough to "put two and two together" when all that's visible is the first two.

    See, I didn't "completely misquote" you. I completely retweeted what was already there on Twitter. As far as I remember, and I'm fairly sure I would remember, when something is retweeted, only what is there to tweet gets tweeted. It was really in no way whatsoever out of my bounds (I have bounds? Do I look like friggin' Slave Leia to you?) to click the little "retweet" button and then add my own commentary based on what was already there.

    I may be "pathetic". But I, at least know, an "epic fail" from a parody.

    Now instead of mounting on your crusade to chase down and insult everyone who clicked the "retweet" button, may I suggest putting on your big girl panties and applying that energy to some actual problem that needs solving; such as homelessness, actual bigotry, or Jersey Shore.