Blog with us!

Comment below with some information about yourself, including an email address you'd like to attach to your account.  If I like the cut of your jib, I'll send you an invite to be a blogger here at CMAA's blog!

What sort of information I'd like to know:

  • Your name, or at least, what you'd like me to call you
  • Where in Maine you are (this is a local group, after all)
  • What your interests are: are you a science person? A recovering Christian? An artist, photographer, fiction writer?  What in particular would you like to write about, as it relates to atheism?
How to improve your chances of getting an invite:

  • Complete words and complete sentences go a long way.  Occasional misspellings are one thing, but intentional misspellings and text speak are likely to guarantee that you won't get an invite.
  • Need I say it?  Punctuation is also key.  "lol" and smiley faces aren't forms of punctuation.
  • Be an active commenter.  I'm more likely to invite someone I know than a total stranger.
  • Have a body of work (such as a blog of your own) to link to, so I can see what and how you write.
If you're still interested, then don't hesitate to comment below!

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